While the notes of every barrel of Baker’s offer a unique tasting journey, you can expect a few defining characteristics.

Nose: Fruit, vanilla and carmel

Palate: Medium bodied with flavors of oak, toasted nuts and vanilla.

Finish: Robust, medium long and warmly rounded.’

Proof: 107

  • Size: .750L
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No two barrels of bourbon are the same. Their placement in the warehouse, every change in the weather and every day of aging shapes their distinctive notes and flavors. So while most bourbons are made by batching multiple barrels together to create a consistent flavor. Baker’s takes a different approach – no batching, no mixing, just one uncompromised barrel per bottle. The result is a true bourbon lover’s bourbon. Made for those who enjoy the unique and subtle differences between one barrel and the next. Because at the end of the day, that’s what a single-barrel bourbon is all about.

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