Sensory and Tasting Notes:

  • Sensory Notes: The sensory profile of Bulleit Rye Aged 12 Years is characterized by its subtlety and balance, featuring light, fruity, and woody-oaky notes, complemented by a floral essence and a hint of vanilla-spice. This nuanced bouquet invites a deeper exploration into the whiskey’s aged complexity.
  • Tasting Notes: On the palate, the whiskey is semi-sweet, unfolding layers of slight woody-vanilla-spice that resonate with the sensory notes. The aging process of 12 years in oak barrels imparts a sophisticated maturity to the liquid, enhancing its character and finish.
  • ABV: At 46% alcohol by volume, Bulleit Rye Aged 12 Years strikes an ideal balance between strength and smoothness, making it both potent and approachable for a variety of whiskey experiences.
  • Size: .750L

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Bulleit 95 12 Year Old Rye Whiskey marks a significant return in Bulleit’s esteemed lineup, reinforcing its position at the forefront of the Rye whiskey category. Celebrated for its sustained growth within the Ultra-Premium segment, Bulleit Rye’s prominence is underscored by its status as the #1 selling Rye, a testament to its quality and the loyalty it commands among whiskey enthusiasts. The reintroduction of the Bulleit Rye Aged 12 Years, for the first time since 2019, brings with it a renewed sense of anticipation and excitement, further enhanced by a distinctive new packaging design and the promise of a brilliant tasting experience.

New Design Elements: The Bulleit Rye 12 Aged 12 Years showcases its evolution with a new green front label, neck band, and strip stamp, all adorned with additional premium cues that reflect its ultra-premium quality. This design refresh not only honors the whiskey’s rich heritage but also elevates its presence on the shelf, inviting both longtime fans and new explorers to discover the depth and complexity of this aged Rye.

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