Yes, this black raspberry liqueur is crafted in the province of Chambord, at the site of a real French château, with the finest ingredients. And some do say that it was inspired by French royalty’s chosen tipple when they visited the Loire Valley. But does it matter? Non! Forget these Royals and their golden taste buds. Yours are the ones that matter. You like it, you drink it. Why? Because no reason.


Inspired by a raspberry liqueur made in France in the 17th century, today’s Chambord is a sweet combination of red and black raspberries, vanilla, and XO cognac. This traditional liqueur is produced in the French province of Chambord (hence the name) at a real-life chateau (castle).


Add a dash of Chambord Liqueur to champagne to step it up a notch. It’s also makes for a great twist on a Manhattan, a French martini, or even in a refreshing, fruity vodka cocktail with lime juice. The addition of this versatile liqueur to our bar cart has made experimenting with our favorite spirits a lot of fun. As with most liqueur, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to preserve flavor.

  • Size: .200L
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