VIDA de San Luis Del Rio® was first introduced to the world in 2010.
It is traditionally hand crafted from 100% mature agave Espadín by the
family of Paciano Cruz Nolasco. It is an amazing base for cocktails and
even better sipped and savored. Vida has an aromatic nose of tropical fruit with hint of honey, and tastes of ginger, cinnamon and a bit of tangerine, with a long, smooth finish.

  • Size: .750L
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“The fruit-forward, easy sipping Del Maguey VIDA is an approachable
introduction to the spirit” – Wall Street Journal

Production Notes:
Village: San Luis Del Rio
Palenquero: Paciano Cruz Nolasco, Marcos Cruz Mendez
State: Oaxaca
Region: Valles Centrales
Maguey: Espadin
Agave Species: A. angustifolia haw
Age of Maguey: 7-8 years
Elevation: 2952 feet (900 meters)
Roast Duration: 3-8 days
Type of Wood: Mezquite, Quebrachi, Huamuchil, Pitayo,
Pochotle, Tepeguaje, Copal Tepomaco, Pino, Encino
Milling: Molino, Electric
Size of Tinas: 1400 L
Fermentation Duration: 8-10 days
Water Source: Rio Hormiga Colorada
Still Type: Copper
Still Size: 350 L
ABV of Mezcal: 42%
Liquid Profile: Vida is distilled to be more
widely available with an ABV profile called for
by bartenders around the world.

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