Made in New York!

Charm is fermented with two white wine yeasts and raw spring honey – barrel aged and bottle conditioned on the lees producing a toothy, bright yet hearty bubbly.

12% ABV
Organic, Vegan, No sulfites added
  • Size: .750L
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  • Harvest Technique: Hand harvested
  • Fermentation: Our honey is diluted with water and combined with various botanicals, fruit, or fruit juices that are available locally and seasonally, and then fermented in wood barrels until there are no sugars from the honey remaining. In some cases, we begin the ferment in stainless steel or glass. We primarily use wild yeast that already exists on the fruits and in our honey. The yeast multiplies, consuming the sugars and converting them to alcohol. The water and alcohol extract the right flavors from the herbs and skins of the fruit until the meadmaker decides to remove them. It is a low-tech process that allows us to produce meads of the highest quality in cooperation with the natural world.
  • Elevage: barrel aged and bottle conditioned on lees
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