Herodes is the result of a genuine coupage of the best agave espadin from the southern mountains of oaxaca. Each mezcal produced as Herodes is made with a 100% artisanal process:

  • the Agave are cooked in a ground oven, giving it a light smoky character.
  • once cooked, the agave are crush manually and fermented in wood tanks with natural yeasts.
  • Double distillation in copper alembic to create the final elixir.

Agave Variety: Espadin
Cook: ground oven

Crush: circular stone grinder
Fermentation: Natural in wood tank
Distillation: 2 times in copper 
alembic still
The Espadin from San Luis Amatlan differentiate itself with strong herbal aromas. The 40 abv process gives to Herodes a smoothie style and an easier pairing character.. 
An original mezcal that prefers the freshness instead of the smoky side.

  • Size: .750L

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