Introducing Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity™, founder Trey Zoeller’s latest innovation and the newest addition to the Jefferson’s family. Tropics exposes barrels of fully mature Kentucky straight bourbon to unrelenting equatorial heat and humidity. The first expression of Jefferson’s Tropics hails from Singapore.

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Perceived Age

As oxygen interacts with the wood compounds in the whiskey, it will drive a series of complicated reactions that changes ethanol to acetaldehyde, which further changes to acetic acid and then to ethyl acetate.

*panelists are trained to use the word acetone to describe an older whiskey.”


“The colour of the Singapore whisky when adjusted to the final bottling strength of 52% (104 proof), is 10% more dark in comparison to the standard C16 whiskey”

Flavor and Wood Compounds

“The reason for the increase in wood and flavour compounds was due to the evaporation losses. Ethanol and water will evaporate at a faster pace than wood and flavour compounds. There was a concentrating effect in a barrel over time, thus the Singapore whiskey will be perceived as woodier and more flavourful -aligning with our sensory results.”

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