Our Amber Blend is a blend of four indigenous white Georgian grape varieties – Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Khikhvi and Kisi, harvested from our vineyards planted at the foot of the Caucasus mountains in Kakheti, the eastern most region of Georgia. If you have never had an amber wine, our wine is for you. This unique blend of white grapes is aged on the skins for 6-months giving the wine its distinctive amber color. The tradition of fermenting and aging white grapes on their skins is a thousands-year-old continuous Georgian tradition of which we are honored to be a part. In addition to a lovely color, the skin-contact imbues the wine with distinctive notes of dried peach, fuller body, soft tannin and thus creates a fifth category of wine that likely predates red, white, rosé and sparkling. Some call it “skin-contact” and some “orange”, but since forever in Georgia the category was named Amber and so our name honors this tradition.

Beautiful medium amber color. Aromas of dried apricot and orange peel. Flavors of dried peach, baking spices followed by soft but firm tannin with a long finish

Food Pairing
• Poultry
• Braised Pork
• Creamy Pasta

Rkatsiteli 40%, Mtsvane 40%, Khikhvi 10%, Kisi 10%

Alc: 13%

  • Size: .750L
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