Enhance your cocktail with Mezcal Union Uno, Mezcal Joven, a mezcal that represents Mexico’s values, cultures, and traditions. This was the first variant that was created in the Mezcal Union line. Mezcal Union Uno, Mezcal Joven is an un-aged mezcal, handcrafted with Espadin and Cirial Agaves. These agaves have matured 8 to 14 years and are cooked, fermented, double-distilled, and expertly blended to enhance the delicious flavors of this mezcal. On the nose are notes of pear, green applewood, smoke, and wet soil. On the palate are notes of Encino oak tree firewood, pear, green apple, and citrus. Best enjoyed in a Mezcal Union Uno, Mezcal Joven Paloma.

80-Proof, 40% ABV

  • Size: .750L
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Mezcal Unión Uno uses farm-grown maguey Espadin and wild maguey Cirial. This agave is cut and roasted for four days. The families that produce Union have several generations experience as their main craft. Union uses a collection of different producer-families in the region to produce their bottles. Earlier batches of Union Uno contained a third maguey: Barril.

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